We start the project by knowing the needs and sophisticated requirements of the Investor.  Based on this information, a concept is created and confronted with the Investor to finally achieve a common vision of the object. What can you find in our offer?

Designs of single-family house

We design single-family houses that are functional and adapted to the individual needs of customers

Single-family housing complex

We plan and create designs for whole estates

Multi-family houses

Corresponding to the requirements of multigeneration families or separate tenants

Service and office buildings

We provide the opportunity to design an ideal space for running business and economic activities

Extensive documentation

We carry out projects for the extension, modernization and arrangement of interiors

Architectural and construction project
Multi-family housing projects or public utility buildings differ in their complexity and form. Therefore, each project is agreed individually so that the price is adjusted to these factors. The development of the project is prepared in accordance with the provisions of the construction law and in accordance with the provisions of the Building Law Act. Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on the detailed scope and form of a construction project (Journal of Laws No. 120). Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on the technical conditions which should be met by buildings and their location (Journal of Laws No. 75 of 2002, amended).